Scramble Squares® & Crazy Turtle Solver

To get a solution, describe your puzzle pieces below. For each of the nine cards, start with one image on the card and work your way around the card (e.g. clockwise) describing each image. Make sure each of the four image descriptions is unique. You can use colors or other attributes to describe the images. (Or you can simply use 'A', 'B', 'C' & 'D' if you wish.)

Indicate which half of the image is on the card using the HEAD/TAIL option. (Think of these as 'BEGIN' & 'END' or whatever is appropriate for your cards.)

TAB or MOUSE between fields as RETURN will likely submit the puzzle to the solver prematurely.

Firefox/Mozilla WARNING: puzzle may not solve or appear correct under Firefox/Mozilla due to the way that browser handles selected options. There is a line of JavaScript on this page to fix that by resetting the form as it is loaded. If you have JavaScript turned off, you will need to press the Reset button manually to fix the puzzle.